PAWS: Prevention, Awareness, Wellness, Strength

PAWS For Change

Who We Are

PAWS for Change (Prevention, Awareness, Wellness and Strength) is a collaboration of local organizations in Klamath County to engage men and boys as allies in an effort to prevent all forms of violence. This primary prevention strategy was championed by Marta’s House/Klamath Crisis Center and is currently funded through state and federal grants from the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force and the national Office of Violence Against Women Engaging Men and Boys Project. 


PAWS for Change seeks to reduce violence by engaging all citizens, especially men and boys, as allies and mentors of Prevention, Awareness, Wellness and Strength.


Kid-trophyPAWS for Change partners and stakeholders seek to be catalysts for a permanent evolution of social change to reduce violence and inspire other communities to do the same.


PAWS for Change strives to reduce violence in Klamath County by:

  • Understanding and educating others on the root causes of violence
  • Increasing the awareness of violence in Klamath County
  • Mobilizing citizens and engaging men and boys as allies in violence prevention
  • Initiating a community youth action team as allies against violence
  • Collaborating with community partners to combine prevention and education efforts
  • Creating a multi-week violence prevention and positive parenting program
  • Providing bystander intervention training
  • Identifying and implementing ongoing strategies to sustain PAWS for Change
  • Creating a violence prevention model that is endorsed and used by other communities

Volunteer Activities

  • Be a part of the prevention team
  • Sponsor, plan or help at an event
  • Public speaking, write a prevention article or create brochures or newsletter
  • Join a committee
  • Name endorsement or business support
  • Community networking and recruiting
  • Provide advice, technical support, website support
  • Data collection and entry
  • Participate in special projects
  • Bi-lingual translation
  • Curriculum development and training
  • Research, policy development and logistics support